This Is How Matcha Tea Helps Jessica Alba In Her Day To Day

The tea matcha seems to be fashionable among the population. It is becoming easier to acquire this product, mainly in dust to take as an infusion and can be bought in supermarkets such as Mercadona. However, some ‘celebrities’ They have been drinking this drink for years.

Lady Gaga, Lionel Messi or Jennifer Anniston. These are some of the celebrities and celebrities who have incorporated matcha tea as a drink in their daily lives. And it is that in addition to a graceful flavor, this green tea of ​​oriental origin provides important health benefits.

However, among so many celebrities there is a renowned actress who has been drinking matcha tea practically every day for years. This is the American Jessica Alba, known for her performances in ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘Honey, the dance queen’ or ‘Into the Blue’.

Why Jessica Alba is addicted to matcha tea

Jessica Alba turned 40 years old on April 28. However, the actress born Pomona (California) maintains a still youthful physical appearance. This is due to the strict care that he takes about his diet and the recurrent physical exercise that he carries out every week.

matcha tea smoothie

In a profession like that of actress Jessica Alba is aware that it is important to keep the line. In addition, on a personal basis, she likes to stay healthy and live a healthy life.

Thus, matcha tea has become an important travel companion for the American actress in recent years. In particular, use this food in a healthy smoothie or shake before every workout.

Specifically, before each workout, Jessica Alba has a ‘smoothie’ made up of vegan protein powder, matcha tea powder, a banana, coconut water and ice.

Through her social networks, Jessica Alba herself shares with all her followers some of her healthy habits. Among them is the consumption of ‘smopthies’ before and after training, where to incorporate mathca tea.

In addition, Jessica Alba also offers her followers some advice on the use of cosmetics or skin care creams.

What does matcha tea bring to Jessi Alba

To start the day strong, before doing physical activity, Jessica Alba opt for a very healthy ‘smoothie’ in which the star ingredient is matcha tea.

For the preparation use a teaspoon of matcha tea, coconut water, a banana, 1/4 cup of vanilla-flavored protein powder and ice. Thus, in a blender, mix everything until a completely homogenized mixture is left, to later serve in a glass with crushed ice.

According to Jessica Alba herself, this shake “tastes much better than ice cream.” And the best of all is that it is a much healthier preparation for the body.

This shake with matcha tea helps Jessica Alba to improve her sports performance, thanks to its high amino acid content. In addition, due to the antioxidant and caffeine dose of matcha tea, it acts as an activator of the nervous system before proceeding to training.

For its part, the banana helps the body to recover energy after physical exercise.