This Is How Nacho Disrespected Daddy Yankee And They Fell Out

A few days ago, the Venezuelan singer Nacho made a revealing confession. Openly, as is the custom of the pretty girl interpreter, he told how it was that he disrespected the Big Boss, Daddy Yankee, and hence that beautiful friendship was lost.

To dispel any doubt about what happened between the Venezuelan and the father of reggaeton, the interpreter of “Báilame” spoke with El Molusco and revealed the story behind this enmity of the urban genre. “Among so many people with whom I create a small enmity, Daddy Yankee is one and because of that issue with him, Pina, who was a great friend, I also had differences with him,” Nacho begins by saying.

But what was the problem with this pair? It turns out that after the success of “Andas en mi Cabeza”, a song that Daddy Yankee recorded together with the former duo Chyno and Nacho, Miguel Ignacio, the Venezuelan’s real name, wanted to repeat the formula. “The song“ Báilame ”, in which Bad Bunny and Yandel was mounted, was originally going to be recorded with Big Boss and Nacho ended up changing the duo.

“With whom I was going to make the song was with Yankee … Due to ignorance on my part … because Yankee is a guy who knows, this is what I’m giving you, this is what I think I deserve … I sent him a message with a lot of nonconformity, for what he asked. He was really asking, I think, less than what an interpreter like Yankee should ask for and I disrespected him … From that moment on, the friendship I had with him was fractured ”.

What is not known is if Daddy has already overcome this tantrum with the Venezuelan and in the future new collaborations could be seen.

Although in the plans that Nacho commented, a next project with such a reggaeton figure is not planned, the former musical partner of Chino Miranda, continues to give his opinions and participate in The Dominican Voice.

“New office. In @thevoicedominicana we are all #TEAMNACHO 😁❤️ “, Nacho wrote along with a photograph in which we see him sitting in the famous red chair of the program. “In #RD there is plenty of talent, so that will be good 🔥🔥🔥”, the singer Pedro Alonso commented, among many other messages of support.

On the other hand, we can remember that he recently thanked the Puerto Rican Arcangel for agreeing to participate in his new song. “Now you will understand that I have not been the only one hit, nor the only one who has hit, but let us be the last in both cases. Enough of BEING, or MAKING of someone, a BOXING BAG “, said Nacho. “Grateful to this pillar of urban music for joining this project so important to me, for joining a necessary campaign no matter what they will say to leave an example and share their career with me. He is THE WONDER @arcangel ”.

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