“This is the real reason for the Princess’s hospitalization”

There is no peace for Charlène of Monaco. A new background calls into question the real reasons for the hospitalization of the princess, who left the Principality several days ago to settle in a specialized center in Switzerland, perhaps in Zurich.

If at the beginning it was feared that Covid or even a tumor was keeping Wittstock away from her family, now new details emerge that help to clarify the serious embarrassment of Albert of Monaco about his wife’s health condition.

The crisis of anger

According to reports from the French magazine here is, it seems that Charlène of Monaco, after his return from South Africa last October, he had a serious fit of anger at the Palace, which resulted in an attack on one of the ladies in attendance. To defend the woman, wounded by the princess, even the security guards would intervene.


The scuffle would be the culmination of a series of fits of anger suffered by the princess because of her own addiction to sleeping pills. To find relief from the results of the various surgical interventions undergone during her stay in South Africa, Charlène would have increased the dosage of narcotics until she was addicted to them. Hence the decision of Alberto, in agreement with his wife and their families, to have her hospitalized in a specialized center for detoxification. The clinic, whose name and location remain secret for security and privacy reasons, would be an expensive nursing home worth € 300,000 a month.

According to some observers, Charlene she never really integrated into court life and even relations with some members of the princely family are still difficult today. “She has never really integrated into the Monegasque family,” explains the director of here is, Marion Alombert, who in the past has compared Charlène to Meghan Markle. «He is a person who was not educated for this world like all Grimaldis. Like a Meghan Markle, Charlene had a lot of trouble integrating into a family she doesn’t necessarily have a good relationship with – she was put under pressure, she had to be the perfect mother. She has never really managed to take on this representative role. “And there drug addiction it appears to be the last stage of prolonged and misunderstood suffering.

Last updated: Thursday 2 December 2021, 8:03 pm