This new Netflix series went a little unnoticed because of Squid Game is still a big hit around the world and it is deserved because it is exceptional

If you’ve succumbed to madness Squid Game on Netflix, you might think it will be hard to bounce back and find another series this addicting. You are wrong. Since September 29, October landed. And it is great. October is a Danish series by Søren Sveistrup known for having created The Killing in 2007, a thriller against a political background that had won over many people for forty episodes and three seasons. This time, October, whose original title is The Chestnut Man (which literally means “The Chestnut Man”), is presented as a mini-series with six episodes on the clock, each lasting nearly an hour. They will all be exciting, surprising, bewitching, scary.

Danish actress Danica Curcic, 36, is perfect as Naia Thulin, the woman who leads the investigation to find the serial killer.© Tine Harden

In October, a serial killer panics the city and the police in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. On its site, Netflix says a little more: “’October’ takes place in a quiet suburb of Copenhagen, where the police make a terrible discovery on a gloomy autumn morning. A young woman, brutally murdered and amputated of a hand, is found on a playground, a little man made with chestnuts at her side. The case is entrusted to Naia Thulin, an ambitious young inspector, and her new partner, Mark Hess. It doesn’t take long for them to discover that the brown doll contains mysterious evidence linking it to a girl who went missing a year earlier and presumed dead who is none other than the daughter of politician Rosa Hartung. ” There you understand the original title. For the choice ofOctober in France, the reason is simple: the whole investigation will take place in October. That being said, it was necessary that the intrigue takes, that the characters captivate and that the gloomy atmosphere of a city plunged in full gray does not come to seal everything. Contract largely fulfilled.