this seventh ordeal was hidden in the series and no one saw it

The final of the successful series Squid Game had serious consequences for the fans. We were able to discover many revelations as well as great moments of tension. Yet we are all the same missed this crucial detail which had all its importance … To the nose and the beard of the televiewers, the creator of the series slipped a seventh test coming to conclude the adventures of this season 1.

A reunion full of meaning

The final episode of Squid Game a lifted the veil on a lot of mysteries around the series. Among the revelations that have been made to us, we can cite the involvement of the character of Oh Il-nam, also referred to as player 001, in this deadly stakes competition.

If this revelation will not have succeeded in surprising everyone, the way in which it was brought about is still something to think about. Those who have watched the series will know that Seong Gi-hun (player 456) and Oh Il-nam had a very special relationship throughout the games. Our hero never ceased to carry the impoverished old man at arm’s length, before an event results in Oh Il-nam’s death during the marbles test.

Some time after completion of completion and after Seong Gi-hun pocketed the 45.6 billion won, he received a message that asked him to go to the 7th floor of a building. Once there, he was surprised to discover that his old friend was still alive and that the man actually was the thinking head of the games in which the characters of the plot had been forced to participate and in which they had died.

A well-hidden seventh test

Even more, Oh Il-nam, dying, invites ex-player 456 to participate in one last test to test his faith in humanity. More than a simple game, this last challenge aims to be the seventh and last event of the competition. as this subtle detail indicates.

When Seong Gi-hun takes the elevator to get to the 7th floor of the building, we can see that none of the buttons on the device have a number except the one on the 7th floor. If this little detail may seem irrelevant, there is a reason why the meeting between the two characters does not take place on the 6th or 8th floor.

No, it’s not to have a better view of the homeless who will be at the heart of this final confrontation, but for a deeper reason … During the competition, Seong Gi-hun survived and came out victorious in six events. It is therefore not surprising to see him land on the seventh floor of this building to complete his seventh test non official.

This theory does not seem so crazy, especially when we take into account the many such details that have been included throughout the series. Moreover, we end this article by inviting you to watch our article on these Squid Game nods that you surely missed while watching the series.