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Tom Cruise He has been known for being, for at least three decades, one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood, even in 1990 “People” magazine named him “the sexiest man alive in the world.” The above without counting his success as a film actor that has led him to be one of the best paid on the planet as well as one of the highest grossing internationally, because in the films he has participated they have raised more than 10 billion of dollars. As if that weren’t enough, in 2006 “Forbes” magazine named him the most influential celebrity in the world.

All in all it is antecedent, it is not a surprise that any activity that Tom Cruise performs in public becomes news, as his most recent appearance in the second game of the Division Series of the National League of baseball of the United States, which is he played between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday, October 9 at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California.

(Tom Cruise in 2018 / EFE)

However, the controversy over his presence in the stadium originated in social networks after the photographs and videos of Tom Cruise sitting in the stands, smiling and waving to the fans as everyone enjoyed the game. And it was not for less, since the actor seemed a completely different person because his face was swollen.

“Tom Cruise What have you done to your beautiful face? I was so disappointed when I saw you in the stands at the Dodgers game! Stop putting rubbish on your face, please, “tweeted one fan of the actor, while another jokingly said,” What about the puffy squirrel cheeks? “, One more wrote:” Tom has done something in the face or has gained some weight ”.

(Tom Cruise appears with a puffy face / AP)

Like them, thousands of users on social networks began to speculate that Cruise had undergone an aesthetic intervention or a beauty treatment that had caused an allergic reaction, likewise, others assured that it was a weight gain, so they decided defend the actor.

“Listen, I don’t like Tom Cruise at all, but I’m sick of Twitter criticizing people for their weight fluctuations, people are allowed to gain and lose weight, stop being fat phobic,” wrote another netizen. Read also: Tom Cruise’s car stolen while filming “Mission Impossible”

Although so far neither the actor nor anyone from his communication team has issued a message about what happened to Cruise on his face, what is that day he spent a father and son afternoon, since the young man in the black sweatshirt that appears to his right in the photograph that was released, is his adopted son Anthony Connor (1995), one of the two babies that Tom adopted during his marriage to actress Nicole Kidman, the other being Isabella Jane (1992). Read also: Tom Cruise defends himself for screaming during filming of Mission: Impossible