Treating His Covid-19 Positive Wife, Sandy Tumiwa Wears PPE and Shops at the Supermarket : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The wife of actor Sandy Tumiwa, Henny Mona, reported that she was positive for Covid-19. On her Instagram account, she even shared a video of her husband trying to take care of her while wearing yellow PPE.

On that occasion, the father of two children was seen laughing and trying to comfort his wife who was lying on the bed. Before long, he was seen carrying his bag and leaving the house.

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“I never thought I’d get Covid because everything is well taken care of but Allah SWT has other plans, I hope this illness will be an expiation for my sins,” wrote Henny Mona on her Instagram.

“Honey, thank you so much for caring for me as a husband. Thank you for accompanying me when Isoman. I hope I get well soon and healthy as usual. Amen YRA.. Amen Ya Allah Allahuma Amen. Let us sleep together, okay? .. I Love U So Much My Lovely Husband.. It’s funny to see your behavior @shandytumiwaofficial,” he added.

Meanwhile, as a standby husband, the 39-year-old man was seen going to use his car to buy medicine and shopping at the supermarket. He was forced to do this to meet the needs of his wife while undergoing self-isolation.

“Okay guys, first we go to the pharmacy, then we go to the supermarket. Pray for me to be safe. Oops, it’s stuffy, but yes,” said Sandy while driving his car.

While at the supermarket, people looked strange to see Sandy shopping using yellow PPE. He even realized that he was like the wrong costume.

“Saltum mode on,” he wrote.