Trending Baby Doll Upbringing, Ivan Gunawan: He Continues My Treasure and Throne: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Not only known as a singer and presenter, Boy William is also known as a content creator who often dominates Indonesian YouTube trends. Recently, not long since the video was uploaded with Ivan Gunawan, it has reached trending #2 on YouTube Indonesia.

In the video Boy William mentions that he heard the news that Ivan Gunawan had a baby. Ivan then explained that he had 2 babies named Miracle Putra Gunawan and Marvelous Putra Gunawan. However, when he called out to the baby in question, what appeared was a doll.


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“Don’t you want it? What is this?” asked Boy.

“No, my baby,” said Ivan Gunawan.

When Boy mentions that what Ivan is holding is a doll, Ivan insists that it is a baby. Ivan Gunawan also explained that he prepared various baby clothes at his home.

Ivan also believes that his baby doll will grow up like a real baby. When Boy wants to hold the doll, Ivan makes sure Boy’s hands are clean. Ivan also forbade Boy to take his doll for a walk.

“How many months old has there been no child, if he wants to walk, he will also walk alone,” said Ivan Gunawan.

Ivan then mentioned that when the doll was 5 years old, he would buy a business plane ticket when traveling together. He also hopes that his doll can continue his wealth and throne, and have children. For those who are curious, let’s see the excitement of the three only on the BW YouTube channel.!