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This Saturday, September 11, marks the 20th anniversary of that fateful terrorist attack on Twin Towers of the USA that ended up claiming the lives of thousands of citizens. That is why, if you were looking for a film or cinematographic production, here we leave you a list of 10 productions based on the accident that was a direct blow to the heart of the North American country.

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On the morning of September 11, 2001, two planes hit the Twin Towers, causing these two buildings to collapse in a matter of minutes. A third plane crashed into the Pentagon, near Washington DC, and another in rural Shanksville, Pennsylvania. This macabre event caused almost 3,000 people to lose their lives, causing not only the grief of the Americans, but also the indignation of the world population.

In the list that we are going to leave you below we can find the shocking documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11″ and a plot by Spike Lee that tries to illustrate the problems of current New York, taking the testimonies of those who witnessed the brutal bombing at the World Trade Center.

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In this film we can find the heroism of John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno. Who were they? Well, the first policemen who were not afraid of the flames generated by the impact of the two planes on the buildings and went to rummage through the rubble left by the Twin Towers, thus managing to rescue some people who were alive.


Here we can find something that goes beyond the accident in the Twin Towers itself. The plot tells us about the intelligence operation of the United States armed forces to capture the terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden, who was accused of being the main person responsible for the attack.

3. “UNITED 93″

The 9/11 attacks were beyond what we could imagine. In “United 93”, we can find the fictional story where the passengers manage to thwart the terrorist attempt. The flight was the one that made the journey between Newark Liberty International Airport (New Jersey) and San Francisco International Airport.


The production, “Somewhere in Memory” has as its main protagonist the renowned actor Adam Sandler, a dentist named Charlie Fineman, who is affected by the death of his family in the 9/11 attacks. This tragedy ends all the dreams of Fineman, who is seen as giving his life to pain, until he meets a friend who makes him get back on track.

5. “FAHRENHEIT 9/11″

The renowned writer, Michael Moore makes a criticism of the government of the United States, chaired at that time by George Bush. This documentary shows the consequences of the invasion of Iraq and the thousands of lives lost in combat.

6. “WORTH”

If you are a lover of Netflix productions, here we leave you one. This film escapes a bit from the traditional productions of 9/11. Here we highlight the performance of Michel Keaton. The title in Spanish is “How much is life worth?” The story goes on the side of a lawyer and professor, who looks at how the 2,996 victims left by the cruel attack could be compensated.


This production also bears the Netflix seal. They tell us testimonies and unpublished interviews with the survivors of 9/11, audios of the airplanes and some control organizations. It also tells the story of a war that began many years before the devastating attack on the Twin Towers.


This is a fictional film that tells how the terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden’s life ended. In this realization we find how an intelligence effort achieved the capture and death of Bin Laden. The film was directed by Kathryn Bigelow and written by Mark Boal. The production had a great success, as it obtained five nominations at the Oscars. In the cast we can find: Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke, Joel Edgerton, Chris Pratt, Jennifer Ehle, Mark Strong, Kyle Chandler and Édgar Ramírez.


The look that is intended to give this production is how the monstrous terrorist attack changed the lives of some high school students, who were in their study center, which was a few blocks from the Twin Towers. This play is directed by Amy Schatz, producer of children’s shows and series.


This account is the story told of how the first and last rescue occurred after the collapse at the World Trade Center. This was made possible by the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. In addition, we can find testimonies of survivors and rescuers that until now for many were complete strangers.