Uncertainty Among Promoters Regarding The Measures For The Concerts

Among the measures announced yesterday by President Ximo Puig is the reduction of capacity for outdoor events from 4,000 to 3,000 spectators. As this newspaper has learned, few of the scheduled concerts had sold out and those that had sold the most barely reached 3,000 seats. Only the one that Aitana will offer today Friday in the Ciutat de València has surpassed them, but as the event starts at 10 pm, the new decree will not affect it.

The same venue will host the Big Sound festival tomorrow, which would be attended by about 3,700 people, as announced by the organization. As they now assure, it will not be necessary to return tickets to comply with the decree since they will do so by eliminating invitations.

Thus, the decree does not directly affect scheduled concerts but, as Sergi Almiñana, secretary of the MusicaProCV promoters association, denounced yesterday, it causes uncertainty in the sector as the “small print” of the same has not yet been made public. Almiñana pointed out that if the capacity reduction is accompanied by a new sectorization of the venues (something that the Generalitat did not announce yesterday) it will force the events to be reordered and increase the spending of the organizers.

This uncertainty is reaching consumers and is being reflected at the box office, with fewer tickets sold than expected. The promoters complain about the “little empathy of the Valencian government” with their situation for making decisions without the consensus of the sector and for failing to comply with the commitment to hold meetings every two weeks to study the regulations that affect them. «We have complied for months with the security measures that they indicated to us and infections have not yet been registered in the concerts. Despite that, it seems that the problem is live music.