“Unfortunate intervention at Afternoon 5”

Relations that come back to the surface. Although decades have passed since the end of the love story from Memo Remigi e Barbara D’Urso, it seems that the singer has fished out those memories from the oblivion of gossip. In an interview with the weekly Mio, Memo Remigi, who lost his wife Lucia Russo last year, told of the moment in which he met the host Mediaset and was kicked out of the house and forced to rent a two-room apartment to start one domestic partnership with d’Urso, who had just moved from Naples to Milano, Looking for success. D’Urso did not remain indifferent to these statements.

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During her Afternoon 5 program, Carmelita made it clear that she had never been the lover of Memo since he never had one liaison with a man married, reiterating that, at the time of his meeting with Remigi, he already was separate from his wife who, by the way, had a new one link with another man.

The self-defense of the presenter saw the harsh reply of Memo Remigi, who declared in his last interview: “Barbara was a little girl, I tried to help her and to protect it a bit’. There was a relationship, I had separated from my wife for others situations, I didn’t leave my wife for her. But really I’d rather don’t talk about it, I didn’t find hers nice unfortunate intervention to Afternoon 5 ».

The two are loved ones per me four years and at the time they made people talk a lot because of the age difference: the singer is older than the Neapolitan by well twenty years. To date they have no relationship.

Last updated: Thursday 9 December 2021, 8:02 pm