Ussy Sulistiawaty Marries Warganet for Free, Total Event in Billions of Rupiah: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ussy Sulistiawaty held a free wedding with a fairytale theme for lucky netizens. The lucky couple to experience a luxurious wedding were named Sandra and Ara.

Previously, Ussy held a free marriage contest for his followers on Instagram in 2020. As it turned out, they were very enthusiastic about the offer.

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“From all over Indonesia, almost 100, I continue to share on YouTube. From 100 more selections, 50 selections, 50 and 20, another selection, only 1. The process is long,” said Ussy when met at Fatmawati, South Jakarta, Wednesday (10/11/2011). 2021).

Initially, the idea of ​​marrying the couple for free was a small wish he had with his best friend, Passion Jewerly’s COO, Airyn Tanu. They want to carry out charity activities that will remain in their memory for a lifetime.

Andhika Pratama’s wife then invited two other colleagues, namely Rio Motret and Farah Quinn, to make this wish come true. This plan was finally implemented after being delayed due to the pandemic.

“Alhamdulillah, after a year, earlier yesterday, small talk became a reality. How many times has this event been delayed because Covid-19 has not yet finished,” he explained.

Even though this event is a charity event, the wedding ceremony for the lucky couple is quite luxurious. Not explained in detail, but the marriage is said to have cost billions of rupiah.

In addition to luxurious decorations, the bridal couple received a special donation from Ussy’s colleagues. As photographed through the services of Rio Motret, wedding cake from Farah Quinn, and diamond jewelry from Airyn Tanu.

“For example, for an artist, diamond rings are normal. But this is an ordinary person, a diamond ring. Let me know what it feels like on his body when he gets married,” he said.