Uus Block WhatsApp to Instagram Aldi Taher: Disturb Euy! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Comics and presenters New has bluntly blocked WhatsApp to Aldi Taher’s Instagram. This was revealed by Kartika’s husband when he was a guest star on Armand Maulana’s YouTube channel.

Initially, New claimed not to be familiar with Dewi Persik’s ex-husband. Moreover, according to him, there is a possibility that he and Aldi will not connect while chatting.


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“It’s useless, friends won’t connect. Never (friends), just say hi on stage,” said Uus quoted from YouTube Armand Maulana, Thursday (25/11/2021).

Uus was then confused when Aldi Taher tried to contact him. Moreover, it is not clear why the 38-year-old man wanted to communicate with him. So Uus immediately thought of blocking Aldi Taher.

“It’s annoying, I block WhatsApp, I also block Instagram, if I can block the road, I block it so I can’t go to Ciputat,” he added.

Apparently, Aldi Taher got the comedian’s cell phone number from his colleague, Andhika Pratama. In fact, Ussy Sulistiawaty’s husband felt bad after he gave Uus’s cellphone number to Aldi Taher.

“If I’m not mistaken Aldi Taher at that time asked Andhika for my number. He knew (Aldi Taher) was crazy. Then Andhika apologized to me, suddenly he apologized to me, ‘Us sorry, I think he’s still sane’, “Uus said.

“So it’s weird, it turns out that positive can be toxic like that, like reminding people like that. It’s like we only need one tea alarm, if there are lots of alarms, it’s annoying or it reminds me naon,” he concluded.