Vaccine for Children, International Day Against Violence against Women, “Squid Game In Real Life”


#trending number 990 – Friday, November 26th, 2021

Jens Schröder – Illustration: Bertil Brahm

Good Morning! Another #trending week is over. I will spend the next two evenings without social networks, largely without news, instead with “heute-show”, “Ted Lasso”, “Ms. Jordan” and other mood lifters. You’d better do that too!

#trending // vaccine for children

The story that took the top three spots on Thursday’s German social media news charts was the EMA’s approval of the Biontech vaccine for 5 to 11 year old children. “Der Spiegel” achieved 17,000 Facebook and Twitter interactions with the article “Coronavirus: Ema recommends approval for Biontech vaccine from the age of five”, “zdfheute” achieved 16,200 with “EMA decides on vaccine for children” and “Bild” with “For children from 5 – EMA releases children’s vaccine from Biontech” to 12,400.

As always with news about Corona, the reactions in the social networks were very different. In this case, they went from relieved comments like, “This is good news my family has been waiting for. Even if children are less at risk, we don’t want to risk them getting infected or contracting LongCovid. ”To outrage like“ Aja and every 6 months like us? You don’t have them all anymore! “

#trending // the international day against violence against women

The most successful German-language journalistic Instagram post on Thursday, on the other hand, had nothing to do with Corona. Instead, at the front with 147,100 likes and more than 1,000 comments, a contribution by the “Tagesschau” on the “International Day Against Violence against Women”:

#trending // „Squid Game In Real Life“

And then there is YouTuber MrBeast, who has often landed megahits with crazy actions in the past. This time he actually had all the games from the Korean Netflix series “Squid Game” recreated and organized a “Squid Game in Real Life” – of course without violence or death. The winner will receive $ 456,000. By Thursday evening, the 25:41 minute long video had already collected 44.8 million views.

#trending // German tops of the day

Story after social media interactions: “Der Spiegel” – “Coronavirus: Ema recommends approval for Biontech vaccine from the age of five” (17,000 interactions on Facebook and Twitter)

Story nach Likes & Shares bei Twitter: “Der Postillon” – “‘I’ve been growing crops privately for a long time’ – Özdemir is looking forward to the Ministry of Agriculture” (2,100 likes and shares)

Podcast (Apple Podcasts): “The coronavirus update from NDR Info” – “(103) Fallen down the well”

Google search term: Europa League (200,000+ searches)

Wikipedia page: Freddie Mercury (65,000 views on Wednesday)

Youtube-Video [die Nummer 1 aller am Mittwoch veröffentlichten deutschsprachigen Videos]: “Fritz Meinecke” – “7 vs. Game – hand in objects | Episode 6 “

Serie (Netflix): „S.W.A.T.„

Song (Spotify): Acraze, Cherish – “Do It To It” (405,700 stream views from Germany on Wednesday)

Music (amazon): Adele – “30” (Audio CD)

DVD/Blu-ray (Amazon): “James Bond 007: No Time to Die” (Blu-ray)

Game (Amazon) [ohne Gutscheinkarten und Hardware]: “FIFA 22” (Playstation 4)

Book (Amazon): Jeff Kinney – “Greg’s Diary 16 – Direct Hit!” (Hardcover)

#trending // Feedback

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