Valentina Ferragni, her drama to Verissimo “I am cured of a malignant skin tumor”

Valentina Ferragni tells her drama to Verissimo “I am cured of a malignant skin tumor”. Chiara Ferragni’s sister tells Silvia Toffanin about her health problem born of a small pimple.

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Valentina Ferragni, guest tomorrow Saturday 18 December a very true, in his first television interview he talks about his health problem: “A year ago I had a small pimple on the forehead that did not arouse any kind of alarm. But after some time, since it didn’t go away, I went to a dermatologist who told me it was a simple cyst, to be removed without haste. In September, however, I preferred to make another visit, the doctor became suspicious and decided to take it off to understand what it was. After a week, the result came: circular-based carcinoma, a localized malignant tumor».

And he continues: “Fortunately, this type of cancer is not the worst of the epidermal ones. But if I had waited any longer I would have had to undergo a skin graft with a much more invasive surgery. But now I should be 100% healed».

The whole ordeal was witnessed on social media also to raise awareness of prevention: «One piece of advice I can give to everyone is to go and show up as soon as there is something abnormal. Skin cancers aren’t B-grade cancers, they’re small and nasty».

A Silvia Toffanin who asks her if her career has been influenced by her sister Chiara, Valentina replies: “It influenced a lot but it was a very natural thing. When my sister started, social networks hardly existed and the effects of the Internet were not yet known. When she started I was 16, I was helping her and I have seen her path change over the years. I am her number one fan, she is the best in the world and all the success she has is due to herself».

Last updated: Friday 17 December 2021, 17:45