Valentina Ferragni, the alternative birthday and the funny anecdote about her parties

Today is birthday of Valentina Ferragni and the 29-year-old could not have celebrated it better after the announcement of her sister Francesca Ferragni who will become a mother between May and June. The little girl from the Ferragni house, however, does not usually spend the day of her party like the rest of the family.

As the influencer said, who for the second consecutive year is forced to stay at home because of Covid away from loved ones, “when I was little I never celebrated my birthday with my friends (being December 29) and my parents to optimize made me wait for Franci’s birthday (March 12) to combine the two birthdays and have a unique party ».

In short, Valentina Ferragni has always celebrated her birthday three months later, creating many inconveniences: “I didn’t know if in March I was celebrating my birthday or if I celebrated in advance those I would have completed the following December”.

This perennial uncertainty, added to the recent difficulties due to Covid which forced her sister Chiara Ferragni to isolation as she was positive for the virus, meant that the cake was completely improvised this year too. Instead of the classic fruit tart or a cream dessert, the historical boyfriend Luca Vezil surprised Valentina Ferragni with a decidedly unexpected cake: a plate of fries and a handful of fried candles on top of a few.

Valentina Ferragni’s birthday cake.

In addition to the savory pie, Luca Vezil has reserved another surprise for his girlfriend, posting a sweet dedication on his day birthday: Every time I look at you, I still see the little girl I met 12 years old in the crowd on a midsummer evening and who a few years later would become my girlfriend, tender, dreamer, funny, fragile, but then I stop to look at you better and I see the woman you are today, strong, determined, emancipated, proud, but with the same eyes of many years ago, with the same desire to live, dream, conquer and love, and then I understand that many years ago I really had ass to get lost in the alleys of that island to end up face to face with what would become the woman of my life. Usually in days like these he wishes to change, to grow, to improve, but instead I wish you to always remain the same, to have the same will to live that you have always had inside from the first day, not the midsummer day of a few years ago but of that cold night 29 years ago, when your climb to life began from inside an incubator, to the life you deserved and that you have conquered step by step, bite after bite. May life have great things in store for the biggest-hearted person I’ve ever known. Happy birthday my love Ps: I will never be a Masterchef or a great pastry chef, but with a few portions of chips I always play it safe with you ».

Despite the birthday alternative, there was no shortage of social greetings from the sisters. “Happy birthday to my little sister Vale Bella, to the beautiful woman you are and will be,” he wrote Francesca Ferragni, posting two photos next to the birthday girl. «Best wishes to the sweetest sister there is who is now a grown woman who makes me proud of her every day. Words cannot explain how much Vale loves you, “he added Chiara Ferragni, sharing with his fans a sweet memory album from their childhood.

Last updated: Wednesday 29 December 2021, 15:13