Vanessa Angel’s Father: I Want Gala Sky To Know, We Are Fighting For Him : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Doddy Sudrajat, the late father Vanessa Angel speak frankly about the future of his grandson, Gala Sky Ardiansyah. He admitted, the guardianship rights of the 1-year-old boy will be determined by the court.

“For sure, Gala will be raised together by both families. However, there must be a legal provision for Gala’s guardianship rights. So, this is what the court will determine,” he said as quoted from Intense Investigation, Thursday (11/18/2021).

According to Doddy, Faisal, the father of the late Aunt Ardiansyah, has applied for guardianship rights over Gala Sky to the West Jakarta Court. “It’s okay, I don’t find it strange. That’s how it has to be,” he said.

Doddy Sudrajat admitted that he did not mind whether the court would give him or the besan custody of his grandson. As a grandfather, he only wanted to fight for his grandson.

He did not want, one day Gala Sky thought that he was not wanted by his grandfather. “If I don’t take care of Gala, I’m afraid that when she grows up she thinks her grandfather doesn’t fight for her. These are my thoughts and concerns, yes,” he said.

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Doddy Sudrajat emphasized that neither his family nor the besan wanted to fight over the grandson. However, the results of the court’s decision are needed to determine the custody of Gala Sky.

Vanessa Angel. (Photo: Instagram / @ vanessaangelofficial)

“I want Gala Sky to know his grandfather was fighting for him. I’m really fighting for Gala, not fighting over him with Pak Faisal. We both want the best for the Gala,” said Vanessa Angel’s father.*

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