Vega Almohalla’s First Concert In His City

Within the programming of the festivities of La Santa 2021, the people of Avila will be able to enjoy the music of two countrymen who will take to the stages to celebrate the festivities of the patron saint of the city. The first concert was that of Vega Almohalla and the other will be that of Jorge Marazu next Monday, October 11.

Almohalla premiered her show in full and first, as it was the first time that this singer from Avila sang her entire repertoire in the city where she grew up. The people of Avila who attended the concert were able to enjoy the songs that “soon” will comprise his first solo album.

The singer from Avila had participated in other celebrations in the capital, such as, for example, in the act where Rubén Peña was named favorite son of the city or Christmas performances at the Lienzo Norte Congress and Exhibition Center, but she had never sung her repertoire to the full.

During the concert, which took place on the stage located in the Mercado Chico square, Almohalla has sung his first songs as a result of the collaboration with Zazo & Gxurmet, the group with which he managed to win the recognition of the ‘Vodafone Yu Music Talent ‘in 2017. An award that allowed them to attend the most important festivals in Spain, and later, to have their music played in the hit series’ Elite’.

It is precisely thanks to ‘Elite, when Vega Almohalla becomes one of the most sought after artists in Shazam with her first solo song En el aire.

I look at you, Paris, Jewelery, Castígame el Alma, Brillantes or A fuego are some of the songs that Almohalla has shared with his audience, including his family and friends.

Visibility to youth suicide

In addition, Almohalla has wanted to make visible the main cause of death among young people: suicide. “By making small gestures to people, you can brighten their lives a little and try to make those problems that seem so big to be smaller,” said the singer, before beginning to sing the lyrics of ‘La Niña de la Popola’, a melody that tells the story of a girl “who ends up committing suicide.”

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