Ventaneando Driver Rejects New Project On TV Azteca For This Powerful Reason

Despite the scandals in which the show program is usually involved ‘Selling‘, commanded by Pati chapoy, continues to be one of the highest rated on TV Azteca.

It is for this reason that each of its hosts has earned the recognition of the public and even of the producers who when they start a project come to think of them to offer them some role or some special participation.

This would have happened in the most recent Azteca reality show, ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, whose production would have sought the controversial conductor Daniel Need to be one of its participants, according to journalist Alex Kaffie.

However, he rejected the proposal due to this powerful reason: the amount of time he needed to allocate for the recordings, would lead him to abandon ‘Selling’ for at least two months.

“The show critic received the offer to be part of the most famous cooking show in the world, however the demand that he leave ‘Ventaneando’ for eight weeks (time that the reality show recordings will take) made him say ‘no’” , wrote the also conductor.

The journalist also mentioned that Liliana Arriaga, better known as ‘La Chupitos’, was another of the artists who refused to show her gifts in the most famous cuisine in Mexico.

When will it be released MasterChef Celebrity ?

For her part, Flor Rubio, host of the entertainment section ‘Venga la feliz’, confirmed that the reality shows would have started on June 28.

“I really liked the team that is being formed. They start recording next week so I tell them that everything is already super closed. The show will be seen until fallIt is recorded before, because it is a program that requires a lot of post-production due to the recording times. These are strenuous times, because they are cooking times. They will be working intensively between 8 and 12 weeks depending on the recording times and also because we are talking about people who work in the media and who work on different projects. Everything is ready ”, concluded Flor Rubio.

The driver is Rebbeca de Alba

It is worth mentioning that after the departure of Anette Michel As the official host of the reality show, there were many rumors about the possible host. At first it was said that Aracely Arámbula would take the place, the name of Ingrid Coronad was also mentioned; however, finally Rebecca de Alba was selected.

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