Venti Figianti Asks for Divorce, Kiwil: I’m Not Cheating : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Comedy Kiwil became the public spotlight of cyberspace after uploading a confused article on his personal Instagram account. The post was made by the father of seven after his wife, Venti Figianti, asked for a divorce.

“Oh God, you are the owner of what is hidden. You are the All -Knowing. It’s all because of your will. Strengthen and fortify. I am your creature who is full of sin, wrong and forget, “he said as quoted from Insta Story, on Monday (11/10/2021).

The owner of the real name Wildan Delta emphasized that as long as he married the widow with two children, he never had double hearts. “I’m not cheating. I stay away from adultery. I just want to wipe away these tears. Give strength to Your negligent servant,” he added.

In the continuation of his upload, Kiwil mentioned the disgrace and asked for forgiveness. “Silence does not mean gold, silence does not mean contempt, silence does not mean wrong, silence does not mean right. But my silence is because I am ashamed of my disgrace which I should cover. Forgive my mistakes and mistakes,” he added.

Kiwil thinks that humans are better at judging other people than themselves. Therefore, he will do some introspection first. “If there are good people, then the bad will be sought. If there are bad people then we become wise to seek the good. That’s how humans are.”

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Previously, Venti Figianti revealed that her husband asked for permission to go to Jakarta because he had work to do. But apparently, Kiwil actually visited Rohimah with the excuse of meeting her children.

Kiwil then Ventie Figianti. (Photo: Instagram/@ventie_83real)

Venti, who was predicted to be the third person in Kiwil and Rohimah’s household, admitted that she did not accept being lied to by her husband. He considered, the comedian will make the same mistake in the future.

That’s the reason why he finally decided to end his marriage with the comedian Kiwil.*

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