Vicky Prasetyo Imprisoned, Kalina Oktarani Insults Angel Lelga: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTAKalina Oktarani uploaded a long message on Instagram, after Vicky Prasetyo was sentenced to 4 months in prison due to a defamation case, on September 9, 2021. The upload was allegedly directed by the mother of one child to Angel Lelga as a reporter.

“As a woman, I think about everything that happened. If a wife cheats on you, does that mean it’s the husband who goes to jail?” he said in the upload, as quoted on Sunday (12/9/2021).

Kalina Oktarani then questioned, what should the husband do if he finds out his wife is in the room with another man at an unnatural hour. He considered, anger is the attitude that is most easily accepted from these conditions.

From that experience, she admitted, she could learn how to act as a woman and a wife. “If you (Angel Lelga) are a good woman and wife then it won’t be like that. Whatever the reason,” he said.

Kalina Oktarani thinks that if Angel Lelga wants to be respected as an honorable woman, then she must also be a good woman and wife. He asserted, not a holy and good woman. However, as a wife she knows how to behave.

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In his continued statement, Deddy Corbuzier’s ex-wife hopes that what happened to her husband can be a lesson for many parties, especially the adam. “If the wife is having an affair, you husbands must be quiet!!”

Kalina Oktarani and Vicky Prasetyo. (Photo: Instagram/@kalinaocktaranny)

Vicky Prasetyo was sentenced to 4 months in prison after being reported by Angel Lelga for a defamation case. The case is the aftermath of a raid carried out by the controversial presenter at the residence of his ex-wife in 2018.*

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