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The famous actor Samuel L. Jackson, the protagonist of many films, including the most recent Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame, will present the documentary series “Enslaved”.

The play consists of six chapters and one is set in Cahuita.

The documentary, which is Canadian, will be broadcast on cable television in the United States as of September 14 and on October 18 it can be seen in Canada and in our country through the CBS network.

The episodes, of one hour each, will tell three stories: one will focus on the life of the actor, who summarizes that through a DNA test he identified his ancestral tribe in Gabon and traces his journey from the United States to the African country. .

The other two stories will focus on the search for a sunken slave ship and on a historical investigation directed by journalists Simcha Jacobovici and Afua Hirsch, in which the young people from Limon who are members of the Embajadores del Mar Diving Center participated.

The people of Limon have been studying the depths of the Caribbean for five years in front of the Cahuita National Park.

In their research they have discovered two Danish vessels (Fredericus Iv and Christianus V) and have begun to investigate their history and learn about their origins.

The vessels were wrecked on March 2, 1710 with 650 Africans brought in for enslavement.

The producers were in our country making the recordings in May 2019 with the contribution of the University of Costa Rica, Caribbean headquarters, underwater archaeologists from the United States and Denmark in conjunction with the Cahuita National Park.

In addition to the episode in our country, the other five take place in England, the Florida Keys and the Great Lakes of the United States; in Suriname, in South America, and in Jamaica.

“The Tico episode was chosen for its particular approach to archaeological cultural management in which the young people of the place are the divers who, unearthing the stories of slave ships, personalize it by connecting it with the search for their own roots,” said director Jacobovici.

La Teja spoke with two of the young people from Limón who participated in the experience and were happy for the opportunity.

“When the news came I was excited because it is something new for me. Being able to really know if we come from people who were slaves so many years ago and stayed here greatly aroused my curiosity to know where one really comes from, ”explained 20-year-old Kevin Rodríguez Brown.

Regarding the recording experience, he said that it was not easy, rather it is tiring and stressful due to the number of times you have to repeat a take to make it perfect.

And having to wear the same clothes every day to achieve continuity in production was the hardest thing for Kevin.

“Although the recording lasted ten days, I had to participate in four. From the beginning they told us that Jackson was going to participate and we were very excited and we wrote him a letter asking him to come see us, ”added Rodríguez.

Another participant from Limon was Pete Stephens, 19, who told us that the experience was very pleasant and like a dream come true.

They do not know how the documentary will be, but they showed the discoveries that they have so far: 17 cannons, bricks, and anchors of about five meters, which are part of the galleons that they have studied in recent years.

“Knowing that he (Samuel) was going to be the protagonist was something very nice and we all started with the idea of ​​being able to see him because being the superhero of Marvel and other movies makes us want to be able to have a picture with him or talk to him,” Pete explained.

How did the opportunity arise for these Ticos?

Well, it was thanks to the agreement of the Embajadores del Mar Diving Center with the University of California, where the people of Limon went to learn about diving and archeology and received training at the Nautical Arqueologic Society, explained Gloriana Brenes, president of the center.

“When Jacobovici comes here and meets the young people, he decides to turn the script around and focus on the work they do and not just on the sunken ship,” said Brenes.

The objective of the center is to give opportunities to the people of Limon, and for this reason they have not dimensioned the great showcase that they will now have with the transmission of the documentary in several countries, without a doubt one more attraction than adding to the natural beauties of the South Caribbean

The Hollywood actor sent a message to the nine young Caribbean people and thanks them for their contribution to the global search for new chapters in the history of slavery on the planet.