Video games, manga, cosplay … A 2021 Hero Festival strongly marked by Squid Game

The Hero Festival made its big comeback in Marseille, the weekend of November 6 and 7, 2021. Placed under the sign of the phoenix, the seventh edition of the fair devoted to “geek” culture was once again able to welcome manga fans, cosplay, comics and video games after a blank year due to the health crisis. The organizers brought together three worlds of Asian, medieval and American culture. Despite this change, many enthusiasts strolled through the aisles of the festival to attend events of all kinds.

Like every year, the Hero Festival is an opportunity to admire the different outfits worn by visitors and professionals who want to look like their favorite characters. If the works of famous franchises like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece or even Star Wars (thanks to a dedicated stand) have been well represented, the Squid Game phenomenon has risen among the most popular disguises of the festival.

Cosplay is a hobby that consists of putting on a costume to look as much as possible like virtual characters. The followers of this activity, the cosplayers and cosplayers take the stage to perform.

This seventh edition allowed young audiences to experience video games from another era thanks to the retrogaming workshop. Some people have discovered for the first time machines dating from 1978 such as the Philips Videopac G 7200.

A Philips Videopac G7200 running Pac-Mac & nbsp; & nbsp; (AM)

The festival’s flagship attraction on the “gaming” side is the VR (virtual reality) stand run by Eric de Brocart, director of the video game site. The objective is to discover the possibilities of virtual reality, to the general public, thanks to the Oculus Quest 2 headset created by Facebook. A fun discovery through demonstration games. After ten minutes of testing immersed inOculus First Contact, a game allowing to learn the bases of the interaction of the “VR”, one almost forgets the environment which surrounds us.

The player is guided and completely immersed in the 3D universe. The handling is very intuitive. It allows you to have fun whatever your age or relationship with video games.

Another advantage concerning the device, it works autonomously. You don’t need a computer to play, and it doesn’t require cables that can interfere with the player’s experience. The disadvantage is its weight which can be quite restrictive over a long use and the inability to adjust the sharpness. This can be problematic because Oculus headsets were not designed only for video games. Their vocation is to be a medium like a smartphone or a television. Ithere is therefore a cost.

The Oculus Quest 2 with its controllers and packaging available from 349.99 euros (Alexandre Mistretta)

The Hero Festival offered its spectators the opportunity to discover impressive collectible figurines and statues from various universes. In the corner multiverse which is an exhibition space only where licenses from different media (films, series, manga, comics, video games) can be found. Among the franchises represented were pieces from the Berserk manga on display at Kyodai and Aniki’s booth.

The multiverse stand of the Hero Festival under the sign of Berserk to pay tribute to Kentaro Miura, the author of the manga, who died in 2021. (Alexandre Mistretta)

A choice far from trivial because the mangaka Kentaro Miura, creator of the series, died on May 20, 2021. “The Hero Festival likes to have exhibitions on a specific theme and if possible in relation to current events, explains Cyril Croce, exhibitor and co-founder of Kyodai and Aniki. During the previous edition, in 2019, we unveiled a collection on Batman to celebrate the 80 years of the hero. This year, with the organizers, we wanted to pay tribute to Berserk and his deceased author “.

These statues and collectible figurines attracted a lot of curious people throughout the weekend. Other famous series were also exhibited such as the Knights of the Zodiac or Batman. “This allows the general public to know the world of the resin statue. Usually, it is reserved for a niche audience. Here we take pleasure in being able to share these pieces. In general, people see them passing on the internet, they will find it expensive. Then once they look at these figures in real life, they think a little differently. “, details Cyril Croce.

Batman and Joker minifigures and statues on Kyodai and Aniki's multiverse stand at Hero Festival 2021 (AM)

Within the stand, visitors were also able to appreciate the work and talent of collectors, called “diorameurs”. Because these enthusiasts make decorative elements to stage their collector’s items.

A long-awaited festival, which ensured the health safety of its visitors while keeping its wildest promises.