Video of Gaga Muhammad Drunk and Mocking Laura Anna’s Friend Viral: I Know Lo Cupu Rik : Okezone Celebrity

VIDEO Gaga Muhammad while drunk and mocking Laura Anna’s best friend went viral on social media. Previously, the video had mysteriously disappeared on social media.

The video was uploaded by the friend of the late Laura Anna, Erika Carlina through her YouTube channel. This video is lost because it has been taken down by YouTube suddenly.

But the reappearance of this video then stole the public’s attention. In the video, Gaga Muhammad appears to have lost consciousness or drunk the effects of drinking alcohol. He even raved to the point of shouting mockery of Erika Carlina who was in front of him.

“Well, Rik, if you don’t drink it’s okay, I know you’re ugly. Here for me all. Wuu wuu cupu cupu,” said Gaga in the video, quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia on Sunday (2/1/2022).

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In a condition still under the influence of alcohol, Gaga had called herself a celebrity. The reason is, her life has changed beyond that of a socialite, even her name is already well-known in the public ear.

“I’m more than a socialite, I’m a celebrity,” Gaga said.

The video footage was re-uploaded by the Instagram account @lambeturah_official. Apparently, at that time, Erika had plans with the late Laura Anna.

The late left a question for Gaga to answer when attending Erika’s podcast. This can be seen from the screenshot of Erika and Laura’s direct message on Instagram uploaded by the Instagram admin.

“Mr judge, please see,” the admin wrote in his statement.

The post was immediately flooded with various comments. Many are upset to see Gaga’s behavior. Not a few also imagine the conditions when Gaga was drunk and driving a car during the accident that occurred with the late Laura Anna.

“Rese if you’re drunk,” wrote a netizen.

“Gaga is crazy,” said another netizen.

“I’m a celebrity, he said,” said another netizen.

“Please see the judge,” said another netizen.

“Now in prison,” replied another netizen.

“It’s crazy, it’s really scary to bring a car,” said another netizen.

“So socialite but poor,” said another netizen.