Video of Teuku Tezi and Tyas Mirasih circulating, wife uncomfortable: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The soap opera actor Teuku Tezi is known to have been sued for divorce by his wife, Danisa Khairiyah. Danisa’s decision to separate from the man who married her in 2018, seems to have been quite unanimous, considering the trial is still ongoing.

Danisa admits that she often gets video posts from netizens, which contain moments of togetherness between her husband and Tyas Mirasih. This immediately annoyed Danisa and warned netizens not to send the video anymore.

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“Dear online friends, wherever you are, please don’t send me messages containing photos or videos about them,” said Danisa in her upload.

“I don’t want to know more about it, it’s calm enough, so please don’t tell me things that are not important like that, OK, okay,” he continued.

Furthermore, she hopes that all her problems with her husband, including the divorce case, can be resolved soon. He did not forget to also express his gratitude to all those who have provided support and prayers for him.

“Hopefully everything goes smoothly and quickly, thank you for your understanding … love you guys … and thank you for your support and good prayers … thank you very much,” he explained.

“Sorry I can’t reply one by one, stay healthy, friends online. May Allah grant your prayers for me… love youuu,” he added.

As is known, along with the divorce case, news emerged saying that Teuku Tezi had an affair with Tyas Mirasih. Even the news was heard by the public ahead of the decision for Tyas and Raiden’s divorce which took place on September 21, 2021.