Viral Andien Shows off Sexy Body During Vacation, The Ending Makes Mothers Feel the Same : Okezone Celebrity

SINGER Andien uploaded a hilarious video with his two children on TikTok. What’s the video bro?

It turned out that the mother of two shared the story between her holiday expectations and the reality she faced. The video managed to attract the attention of the audience.

“That’s how Bund is,” Andien wrote in a statement quoted on Saturday (18/9/2021).

At first, Andien had expectations while waddling like a Diva on stage. She wore an orange striped shirt that was intentionally tied at the stomach, then combined it with a pink cloth with high pleats as the skirt. While accompanied by exotic songs, the 36-year-old woman looks tempting.

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However, the reality is not that beautiful. At the end of the video, Andien reappears carrying his two adorable children. Seen, she seems to have difficulty holding her baby and holding her sister who is difficult to manage. While accompanied by the children’s song Di Obok-obok by Joshua, the video managed to tickle the stomach.

The video illustrates that she is just a celebrity who is now a housewife. He could no longer enjoy leisurely vacations like he used to when he was a teenager. His upload was also flooded with netizen comments. Many similar mothers claim to feel the same way.

“Hahahaha ahahaha it’s funny what mommy’s expectations are if the vacation outfit is cute like a celebrity. Which reality has been in a hurry,” wrote a netizen.

“Oh my gosh, I’m laughing. This is true mom live,” replied another netizen.

“Yes, it’s a crazy greeting. That’s why I’m lazy to go out and stay overnight. It’s a shame that those who arrive at home are sore,” said another netizen.

“VALID NO DEBAT,” replied another netizen.

“Super relatable, sis. Expectation that there will be lots of cool photos during the holidays. The reality is that it takes a lot of photos, it just explodes,” wrote another netizen.