Viral Doddy Sudrajat Geagapan when Asked for Gala’s Birthday, Even though Intention to Take Care of Vanessa Angel’s Children: Okezone Celebrity

FATHER Vanessa Angel, Doddy Sudrajat, is in the spotlight of netizens because he is considered to want to control his daughter’s inheritance and really wants to take care of Gala Sky Ardiansyah, his grandson. But, recently, Gala’s grandfather became a netizen conversation because he forgot his grandson’s birthday.

At that time, Doddy Sudrajat appeared and was a guest star in Gilang Dirga’s podcast. On that occasion, Doddy had time to answer some of the questions asked by Adiezty Fersa’s husband.

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One of them is about the birth date of his grandson, Gala. Unfortunately, when asked about the date on which his grandson was born, Doddy admitted that he forgot and was confused about answering the question.

“Pak Doddy knows Gala’s birthday, what date is it?” Gilang asked Vanessa Angel’s father who was sitting opposite him.

“The date of Gala’s birthday, I forgot. What month is it? It’s July, July,” answered Doddy, confused by Gilang’s question.

“July, yes, July. 14 July,” said Gilang while helping Doddy remember his grandson’s birthday.

“July 14,” continued Doddy.

The video clip that went viral on the TikTok social media account apparently attracted the attention of Bibi’s younger siblings, namely Fadly and Fuji. Through the Instagram account @lambenyinyir_official, the two were even seen giving a reaction after finding out that the grandfather of Gala had forgotten the birthday of the 16-month-old boy.

“Well forgot :(,” wrote Fadly via his TikTok account @fadlyfsl_.

“WKWKWKWK,” said Fuji via his account @fujiiian.