Wanda Nara – Icardi, La China breaks the silence: “I don’t have to explain, but I think that monogamy is not natural”

Eugenia «La China» Suarez breaks the silence. The model and actress at the center of the scandal and betrayal of Mauro Icardi to his wife a Wanda Nara, responded to Wanda’s recent accusations on live TV. And told her truth.

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While the two spouses try to mend the relationship after Wandagate, Eugenia spoke exclusively to the microphones of the Star + platform to Alejandro Fantino. After having promised on social media to respond in kind to “all shovel shit from Wanda », continues to make the whole of Argentina talk about the gossip case that has been thrilling two continents since October 16.

«Non I started, encouraged O caused I this situation. coughalways believed that they were separate“, Specified the model, and again:” The cost of supporting theimage of a happy family it I’m only paying, not the man who was irrational or made a mistake ”.

Then the model went back to the famous night that Mauro Icardi e China Suarez they would have passed together. Between two nothing would happen, as also confirmed by Wanda Nara. “There was a meeting, but he told me that nothing happened – revealed Wanda to her journalist friend Susana Gimenez – Anything could have happened … ». The fault, however, had not been revealed and Eugenia reveals the reason. All the fault of a smell very particular.

The meeting between Icardi and China Suarez took place at the end of September, when Wanda was at Milano Fashion Week in the company of his sister Zaira. To the Paris Saint Germain bomber would not have liked a perfume heard in the Paris hotel room.

The problem is what smell has bothered Maurito so … The conductor Angel Brito, a few days ago, had made it clear that the former Inter Milan had felt somewhat inhibited. And apparently it would be the marijuana.

“I had a bad time,” said the actress about what happened, without ever directly mentioning Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi. “I do not have never felt I had to explain. The day my children ask me, the only ones I will give explanations to are them, ”he said.

«I understand that they will always talk. It is the price of live with freedom I live with. I don’t care what they say, ”La China said, and said that“ many of the things are not true. There is an image in the media of men eating women that is not true, ”he concluded. “I think that monogamy is not natural. I think you have to pay attention to the new generations, they have no labels. I have a more conservative side ».

«I am very ashamed of this scandal, even if it does not seem – concluded China -. The thing I don’t understand is that women always ask me for explanations, while men are never judged. From an early age they put the girls they are in their heads competing with each other and, then, there are many women talking doing the moral, but what they don’t have the slightest empathy. The male chauvinism of women is the worst! ».

Last updated: Tuesday 30 November 2021, 18:53