“We did it during the last few days”

A Temptation Island 2021 Floriana Angelica and Federico Rasa they broke up after the final confrontation bonfire. Now Federico’s temptress, the single, comes to speak Vincenza Botti, who talked about his experience in the Mediaset docu reality and a “secret game” that the two organized in the last days of their stay in the village.

Vincenza Botti (Instagram), Federico Rasa and Floriana Angelica

Temptation Island 2021, Vincenza Botti and the “secret game” with Federico Rasa

A Temptation Island 2021 Vincenza Botti was very close to Federico Rasa and she got a clear idea of ​​her relationship with Floriana Angelica: “True love does not create doubts or uncertainties in you – he said in an interview with the” Magazine of men and women “- Floriana and Federico they are beautiful people, two simple but different guys. She is introverted, lives on monotony, plans everything; he is sociable, loves being in a group, he likes to get out of the box and live for the day. I believe that these are two completely different lifestyles and that, however much one may try to meet each other, in these cases there is no possibility of finding a common direction ».

La single Vincenza Botti he then revealed a “secret game” that in the last days of his stay in the village he played with Federico Rasa: «During the last few days we had played a kind of game: for every day that passed he would have given me two digits of his cell phone so, at the end of the journey, I would have known all his telephone number and then hear from outside the village. This game obviously stopped, but before leaving he told me that he would like to hear from me. I do not deny that it was the same for me too, both with the intention of cultivating a friendship and to deepen the knowledge and understand if something else could be born ».

Last updated: Friday 23 July 2021, 22:04