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Comedians Anthony Mackie and David Harbor will soon be reunited in front of Christopher Landon’s camera (“Happy Birthdead”). A nice program that will be produced by the Netflix platform.

Anthony Mackie and David Harbor: two MCU members reunited for Netlix

Anthony Mackie began his acting career in the early 2000s. After small roles in landmark films such as Million Dollar Baby Where Minesweepers, he began to break into Hollywood by appearing in feature films like The agency, Real Steel, Gangster Squad and especially No Pain No Gain. Michael Bay’s film gives him a new notoriety that prompts Marvel Studios to hire him as Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon. Since Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie is the face of Sam Wilson, who recently had his own series on Disney +: Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It will also soon be showing at Captain America 4 in the skin of the superhero with the star spangled banner.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier © Marvel

Then there is David Harbor. Like his colleague Anthony Mackie, David Harbor also began his career in the early 2000s. He made his first steps on the small screen, especially in series like Special Unit New York and New York Criminal Section. In the cinema, he plays small roles in films like Le Secret de Brokeback Mountain, Quantum of Solace or The Green Hornet. But it is obviously series Stranger Things which brings him fame. Since then, the actor is quite simply everywhere: Hellboy, Tyler Rake and obviously Black Widow. Yes, David Harbor is also in the MCU, in the shoes of the Red Guardian.

Christopher Landon change de style

If we are talking about these two actors, it is because they will be reunited in front of Christopher Landon’s camera. The latter, famous for having directed horror comedies Happy Birthdead and Freaky, change your style, and will realize a family comedy for Netflix. Indeed, the filmmaker will adapt the news Ernest by Geoff Manaugh on behalf of the platform. The story tells about the daily life of Kevin and his family, who discover that a ghost called Ernest is haunting their new home. Obviously, Kevin and Ernest become friends and decide to investigate Ernest’s past. But this research attracts the attention of the CIA … The screenplay is written by Christopher Landon himself. Casting side, in addition to the presence of Anthony Mackie and David Harbor, the rest of the cast consists of Erica Ash, Tig Notaro and Steve Coulter. For now, the film, which has no release date, is expected to be titled We Have a Ghost