“We no longer want him as a duke”

After the military ranks, the Prince Andrew could also lose the title of Duke of York. Queen Elizabeth’s decision to remove all patronages from her son in view of the trial for sexual harassment against Virginia Roberts Giuffre does not seem to calm the spirits of her subjects. Especially the inhabitants of York, who are now asking Andrea to renounce the duchy.

The campaign of the city of York against Prince Andrew

As reported by the Daily Mail, it was senior York City Council member Darryl Smalley who initiated the campaign against the Prince Andrew to deprive him of his title, after a New York judge rejected the Duke’s motion to dismiss the case and sent him to trial. Labor MP for York Central Rachael Maskell agreed on the proposal: “It is untenable for the Duke of York to cling to his title another day longer. There is a very serious accusation made against this man of privileges and rights. I am working with agencies to tackle sexual violence and misogyny, ”he said on Twitter, launching the hashtag #NotInYorksName.

Reached by the British media, Darryl Smalley explained that the cross support with which his campaign was met could lead to the approval of a motion by the entire City of York Council. “York’s unique bond with the crown and monarch is an important part of our city’s legacy, history and a great source of pride. I think the vast majority of people in York think exactly the same way about protecting the city’s reputation. Nobody is above the law and all allegations should rightly be the subject of thorough investigation, particularly following the recent painful court cases ”.

“We are with all the victims, whose heartbreaking stories have shocked us all in recent months – continued Darryl Smalley -. While Prince Andrew remains innocent until proven guilty, Buckingham Palace and the government must consider the implications of these troubling allegations moving forward. Having been stripped of his military roles and royal patronage by the queen, he should now also renounce his title of Duke of York. ‘

The titles of Prince Andrew

The Prince Andrew was appointed Duke of York on the day of his marriage to Sarah Ferguson, who in turn became Duchess of York on 23 July 1986. On that occasion Elizabeth also endowed her third child, universally recognized as the Queen’s favorite, with the title of Earl of Inverness and Baron Killyleagh. Before Andrew, the former holders of the duchy were the grandfather of Prince King George VI and his great-grandfather King George V. Regardless of the Queen’s decision, the title is not hereditary therefore upon the death of Prince Andrew it will not pass to Princess Eugenia and nor to Princess Beatrice, but will return to the sovereign.

Last updated: Friday 14 January 2022, 22:36