Weekly recap: Fufi 23 and Squid Game in real life


This week at Hallo netzwelt: Funny name suggestions for Fifa 23, Squid Game in real life, fast e-bikes from VanMoof, a preview of the Apple event and – of course – the flat joke of the week.

Hello networld! Should e-bikes be 50 km / h fast? Yes, says VanMoof and presents the right vehicle. Should love go through the stomach? Yes, says a 72-year-old Bosnian and builds a revolving house for his wife. Should Fifa 23 get a new name? Yes, says Michael, who greets the editors from a tiny e-scooter and has a whole scrapbook full of alternative names.

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  1. Should you play Squid Game for real?

  2. Should e-bikes travel 50 km / h?

  3. The next Apple event will take place on Monday

  4. These were other top stories of the week

  5. Fifa is now called Twix

  6. The flat joke of the week

Should you play Squid Game for real?

If you haven’t seen the Netflix production Squid Game, you’d better do so. Perfect conversation piece. The South Korean series is a long-running hit in the Netzwelt editorial team. And it is also a huge success for the streaming provider. “Squid Game has officially reached 111 million fans. Our biggest series start ever,” tweeted the company this week.

Squid Games are now also available in real life. (Source: Youngkyu Park / Netflix)

111 million viewers after 27 days – that is truly an announcement. The sometimes brutal competition, in which highly indebted people can win enormous prize money through macabre children’s games, replaces the Bridgerton costume spectacle as the most successful Netflix production to date.

A real squid game has now been held in the United Arab Emirates. Were there dead? Was there 33 million euros in prize money? Here you will find answers to your dark questions.

Should e-bikes travel 50 km / h?

Anyone who has ever ventured into traffic with an S-Pedelec or an electric scooter will have noticed: 45 km / h can be quite dangerous. By law, such vehicles are doomed to itch through the city 5 km / h slower than cars. That causes frustration.

The VanMoof V is the brand's first high-speed bike. It drives up to 50 km / h.

The VanMoof V is the brand’s first high-speed bike. It drives up to 50 km / h. (Source: Screenshot YouTube)

The Dutch manufacturer VanMoof proposes a solution. How about if e-bikes were allowed to drive 50 km / h? The manufacturer has a geofencing solution in mind. Top speed should only actually be attainable where the traffic situation permits.

We found the proposal innovative and hoped for a lively discussion on our social media channels. But your tenor on Facebook is clear: too dangerous, unfair to moped drivers and completely gaga at all. What do you think of the proposal from the Dutch e-bike manufacturer?

The next Apple event will take place on Monday

Anyone who is currently trying to get an iPhone 13 is sometimes looking into the tube. The smartphone is sold out in many memory variants. We could bet that something similar will soon be true for the Apple Watch 7, which is available in stores starting today.

Apple invites you to the October event. New Macs are expected.

Apple invites you to the October event. New Macs are expected. (Source: Apple)

Still, Apple doesn’t have enough. The next livestream party from Cupertino will take place on Monday evening from 7:00 p.m. German time. This time it’s about new MacBook models. At least that is what the invitation suggests. It is quite possible that Apple has taken the wishes of many customers to heart and will bring back the dead, such as HDMI connections and card readers.

These were other top stories of the week

Fifa is now called Twix

One of the most successful titles in video game history could soon have a completely different name. We’re talking about EA Sports Fifa. Developers and football association argue – how could it be otherwise – about the money. And about licenses.

A new name for the soccer sim is already making the rounds: EA Sports FC. Our Darius has published a list of possible alternative names including voting options in his article. I’ve been with Fifa 98 and have a few suggestions of my own that are safe in terms of licensing:

  • EArrrrgggggghhhhhhhh 23
  • IsDown23
  • Ballz of blood pressure 23
  • Corner flag target shooting 23
  • That was really due to controller 23
  • Fuffi 23 – the time-wasting sim
  • FiFaFu 23
  • FiFaFrullala – the corner bump is back 23
  • FiFan 23
  • TSFKAF (The Sim formally known as FiFa)
  • Fifa is now called Twix – nothing changes this year either (23)

The flat joke of the week

If that wasn’t a transition to the Fiflachwitz of the week, then I don’t know what to do next. I’ve just written myself up for a game of Fifa and now I’m virtually sweeping someone off the pitch. Please sit down for a moment and think about what the hell you did to become so stylish, eloquent, self-confident, well-combed, open-minded and rust-free, the best newsletter readers in the world. Maybe someday you will tell me the trick. Just like … hey! That was offside you bird! Doesn’t even exist …

Did I just hear that right? Your dogs are called zero and one?
As a matter of fact. These are Bitbulls!

There are even more flat jokes at this point on Netzwelt.

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