Welcoming the New Year, Rizky Billar Reveals Resolutions for 2022: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Actor Rizky Billiards join in welcoming the new year 2022. He also wrote a resolution on his personal Instagram.

He was seen sharing photos with his son and wife, Ready Kejora. In the photo caption, he admits that he still wants to pursue many unfulfilled dreams.


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“Hopefully next year there are still many dreams that I can pursue and achieve, including one that wants to be more useful for many people. Bismillah,” said Rizky Billar, quoted on Instagram, on Saturday (1/1/2022).

Rizky Billar also wished the best for his followers in the new year. He apologized when there were wrong attitudes and actions in the previous year.

“Happy new year everyone. With humility I want to apologize if there are writings or wrong actions during 2021. Hopefully we will always be better individuals,” he said.

At this special moment, Lesti Kejora’s husband also appreciated the extraordinary 2021 journey for his life. Starting from being married to the dancer, being blessed with children, to pioneering Leslar Entertainment.

“In the same year my status as a husband soon changed to that of a father,” Rizky Billar said.

“This year also finally a small company that I founded with my wife named @leslar_entertainment was established, a plan from the previous year which was only realized this year,” he continued.

Rizky Billar is thankful for the ups and downs of life he went through in 2021. He is also thankful to God who has given him the gift.

“Thank you for this year, O Allah, where there are so many stories that adorn my life, which now with your permission has become us,” he concluded.