‘West Side Story’ Crashes At The Box Office At Its Premiere Confirming That 2021 Has Been A Bad Year For Hollywood Musicals

The remake of ‘West Side Story’ directed by Steven Spielberg It was one of the films that was expected to help raise the public’s interest in approaching their nearest cinema. It is true that it reached number 1 at the United States box office during the weekend of its premiere, but also that much more was expected of her.

Disappointing starter

Specifically, ‘West Side Story’ has earned $ 10.5 million during its first three days in theaters in the United States, figures that place it behind the launch of ‘In a neighborhood in New York’ just a few months ago, and the truth is that this great movie starring Anthony Ramos It was a notable disappointment at the box office.

Yes indeed, maybe it’s too early to talk about a failure in the case of ‘West Side Story’, since it would not be the first time that a musical released in December then improves its data substantially. For example, ‘The great showman’ debuted with 8.8 million dollars in December 2017 and ended its run through the North American theaters with a revenue of almost 174 million.

There is no guarantee that the director’s film ‘The bridge of spies’ is going to be able to do it, but it is having very good evaluations from both the critics and the public, which aim for good maintenance, something that the later works of Spielberg also achieved. The big problem will be how many theaters will end up losing with the arrival of two premieres as powerful as ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Y ‘Matrix Resurrections’.

In addition, this new ‘West Side Story’ is not exactly sweeping the international market, since in the rest of the world it barely adds an additional $ 4.4 million in 37 other markets. Pretty loose data for a movie that it has cost 100 million dollars.

What is clear is that 2021 has been pretty bad year for Hollywood musicalsWell, ‘In a New York neighborhood’ failed in June, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ He did it in September -although it hasn’t reached Spain until just a few days ago- and ‘West Side Story’ is on track to do so in December.

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‘West Side Story’ crashes at the box office at its premiere confirming that 2021 has been a bad year for Hollywood musicals