what’s going on under the covers?

Hot night the one just spent in the house of Big Brother Vip. Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge are more and more intimate. The two indulge in sweet cuddles under the blankets. Despite the various doubts raised between the two and Soleil’s statements to Biagio D’Anelli, the actor and the influencer have not given up on their good night.

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That there was one between the two great understanding it was now obvious, but now Alex and Soleil they are pushing beyond. After retreating to the sun room where they sleep with Davide Silvestri, the two found themselves under the covers where they would have let themselves go to effusions that have certainly not escaped the viewers.

It all started when Sun in the middle of the night called Alex and him invited to stay in bed with her: “Come, get under the covers here.” The actor did not have it repeated again and immediately slipped under the covers together with the influencer. So the two between kisses and cuddles I am sheet music from the watchful eye of the cameras. Did they just kiss or did they go further? It is still too early to know what really happened, but in the episode of Friday 10 December everything will surely be revealed.

Despite the doubts of both, Alex and Soleil they can’t stay away. While the Sorge had told Biagio D’Anelli about think about the person who left out and who sent her three planes with love messages attached, Alex keep thinking about too Delia Duran that, after seeing the kiss that the two exchanged during the representation of Turandot, she never returned home for a confrontation, even giving up a telephone contact.

The actor’s attitude continues to create discussions and, many men, including Davide Silvestri and Aldo Montanohave repeatedly stressed how this attitude is is not conceivable in their vision of love. But the new couple of the most spied on house in Italy does not seem to be too interested in the controversy. And with passion and transport they enjoy their time together.

Last updated: Thursday 9 December 2021, 10:40