“When it comes to humility, one must also be humble”

GF Vip, Lorenzo Amoruso attacks Soleil: “When it comes to humility, one must also be”. Comrade from Manila Nazzaro, after having exhibited his thoughts on social media, connected during the live broadcast of the twenty-first episode for a confrontation with the influencer.

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the words used by Soleil against Gianmaria last Friday they did a lot of discussion inside and outside the house. The influencer had accused his ex of buying gifts at the outlet and eating pasta and peas in a 50sqm apartment.

An attack that for Ricciarelli was: «Soleil’s attack was too violent, I also told her». Solei apologizes: «I was misunderstood and I apologize, unfortunately I can’t stand it now. I said that the essence of a person was more important and not to mount oneself of something that is not even. The point is not where you buy something, but bragging about trying to conquer it in a material way. I work with fashion and I appreciate luxury, the problem is bragging ».

Lorenzo Amoruso, companion of Manila Nazzaro, is connected live to reply to Soleil: «I observe, I decide, it is my job, I have noticed that to say what you want you need different ways and manners. Gianmaria said bad things, but the problem is another is that you said some very bad things, you have an incredible means, millions of guys adore you and imitate you, the message you sent is bad, but not because you have exaggerated, you have to listen, reflect and say things better. Many have misunderstood, words weigh and hurt, when we talk about humility we must also have the foresight to be so, your attitudes in the thing have never been. You are young, you have a nice intelligence, but you can improve ».

Soleil seems to welcome the criticism until Bruganelli rushes to the rescue.

Last updated: Tuesday 23 November 2021, 08:26