While Sobbing, Keanu Angelo Reveals Kindness Laura Anna: You are the Rainbow in My Life : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Selebgram Keanu Angelo paid his last respects to Laura Anna at the closing ceremony of the friend’s coffin. On that occasion, he revealed the figure of the deceased in his life.

“If anyone asks for proof of Laura Anna’s kindness, it’s me. An incapable person and nothing to be proud of from me. But Laura, I don’t care about that,” she said while sobbing, on Thursday (12/16/2021).

For Keanu Angelo, Laura Anna gives color to her pseudo -life. The figure that brought him into his world to this day he has a well -established career and life.

“You are the rainbow in my life, Lau. I am in your world now. I have a career and I have pride, Lau. I love you so much, Lau. Thank you and I’m sorry, Laura,” said the celebgram.

Keanu Angelo added, “Somehow I repay your kindness, Lau. I hope that God protects, cherishes and loves you, Lau.”

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The video made netizens who saw it moved and cried. “In his content, Keanu often makes people laugh. But watching this video makes me cringe. Ahhh,” said @stkartikaa.

The @lhakuduopo account revealed, “Oh my God Keanu, I’m crying too. You are a good person and hopefully whatever you do will be a blessing to many people. Thank you too Laura, heaven is your place, honey.”

The funeral service for Laura Anna’s coffin and cremation was held at Grand Heaven, Pluit, North Jakarta, on December 16, 2021. On that occasion, a number of friends and family expressed their last respects for the deceased.*

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