who is Matia Emme, the ‘mysterious’ man

A little over a year ago he came out to Gf ​​vip, and ever since Gabriel Garko It is free. A new life for the actor. No parental judgment and a real personal rebirth. Gabriel dropped his masks last year live from Alfonso Signorini to defend his ex-girlfriend Rosalinda Cannavò. Since then she has also lived peacefully in love and now after Gabriele Rossi there is another mysterious man at his side: Matia Emme.

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Who is Matia Emme, Garko’s new boyfriend

After the rumors that had arisen between the two, it was the actor himself who formalized the relationship by posting a photo on his instagram profile. Not much more is known because now Garko, after the relationships with famous people of the show (among other things mounted at the table) who saw him on all the newspaper covers, now keeps his private life confidential.

Not much is known about Matia, Gabriel’s boyfriend has his profile blocked and from social media therefore you can not understand anything, except that in life he is a manager, lives in Milan and has a page followed by almost 9,000 followers, but that short will buy other numbers. At first there was talk of an occupation for him in the entertainment world, in particular in music (because in fact there is a DJ on instagram with the same name as Gabriel’s boyfriend), but it was Garko himself who denied everything: «He is 36 years old, has nothing to do with my profession and you don’t model as someone wrote».

We know nothing more but what is certain is that for Garko the period is positive, even yesterday in the performance at Dancing with the Stars the ex of Il bello delle Donne appeared serene and happy. And the credit is also due to Matia. Meanwhile Gabriel says he is finally ready to become a father.

Last updated: Sunday 5 December 2021, 14:13