Why Doesn’t Francisca Use The Last Name Lachapel Anymore?


The Dominican Francisca chose to stop using the last name Lachapel.

Francisca Méndez, artistically known as Francisca Lachapel, is one of the most important conductors on Spanish-language television in the United States today.

Although it is true that the beautiful Dominican rose to fame with the last name Lachapel, at this time she has chosen to present herself only by her first name: Francisca.

At the time of auditioning in Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2015, the 32-year-old interpreter appeared in front of the judges under the name Francisca Lachapel, referring to the last name of her ex-husband, the Dominican Rocky Lachapel.

Rocky Lachapel and Francisca separated in February 2016, but the divorce was finalized at the end of 2017. Although they were formally divorced, the Dominican eventually continued to use her ex-husband’s last name.

Currently, Francisca is happily married to the Italian businessman Francesco Zampogna, with whom she has a beautiful baby named Gennaro, born on July 7 of this year.

Despite being married to Zampogna since the end of 2019, the star of the show “Despierta América” ​​has preferred not to use the last name of her current husband.

What is certain is that the winner of NBL 2015 is currently known on social networks and in Univision programming by her first name: Francisca.

Francisca previously broke the silence on the possibility of stopping using the last name Lachapel

Without Rodeo Ep. 5 – Francisca Lachapel met her husband at a “sexy” momentThe famous TV presenter revealed to Jomari that she found love when and where she least imagined it. He also confessed that this relationship will bring several important changes to his life, including his last name. Subscribe to Sin Rodeo in a podcast app – it’s completely free! –To receive new episodes on your phone or tablet…2021-03-12T06:00:01Z

In a revealing interview with Spanish fashionista Jomari Goyso for the podcast “Without Rodeo”, Francisca announced that she would stop using the Lachapel surname in the not too distant future.

“Eventually I think I have to take off the Lachapel. It may also be out of respect, I say, to my husband. I think the fairest thing would be, especially now that we are going to have a baby, to change my last name, “he said. the TV presenter in the interview which was published in March of this year.

Goyso asked Francisca about the possibility that her current husband has asked her to stop using the surname Lachapel, to which she replied: of my ex-husband, but it has never been something that has claimed me ”.

When asked about the last name she would use next, Francisca mentioned: “I have options, I have Zampogna, which is my husband’s last name, and I have Méndez, which is my last name. Yes, I would like to give myself the Méndez because there have been so many things that Francisca Méndez dreamed of, that she achieved and that she lives in these moments. I feel that it would be a gift, a gift for that girl, that girl who in Azua dreamed of living what she lives, of being on television and having everything she has. It is also part of changing it and returning to what I am from birth, Francisca Méndez would be like a gift, a gift for my soul ”.

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