Will There Be Season 4 Of ‘You’ On Netflix?

Finally Netflix has released this Friday, October 15 season 3 of You. His followers can now see Joe and Love in their new home and find out how their family life with their baby is going. In addition, you will be able to know who your mysterious neighbor will be. As if this were not enough, The streaming platform has confirmed that there will be a season 4.

The streaming platform Netflix He has announced it through his social networks in which they have said: “You season 4 is in the bag (of the corpse)”. Netflix has hung it next to a compilation video with some images corresponding to the previous seasons.

The darker side of Love

If in season 3 of You deepens the relationship between Joe and Love, the fourth installment will focus on the darker side of Love, as revealed by the creator of the series, Sera Gamble, in an interview in Variety magazine. “It has been exciting to see Penn lead Joe into a lurid yet captivating life. We are deeply grateful that Netflix has shown him such monumental support, and that people around the world have enjoyed watching Joe really screw up for the past 3 seasons. The entire You team is excited to explore new and dark sides of Love in season 4.

Actress Victoria Pedretti plays Love, an unstable woman who has also turned out to be a murderer like Joe (Penn Badgley) in the end. The two have more than demonstrated toxic behaviors in season two and it has become clear that Love is totally obsessed with Joe and the idea of ​​starting a family, while he is not so sure.

You Temporada 4

When will it be released You season 4?

Still the filming and premiere date of You season 4 is anyone’s guess, but we hope that the two years that his followers have had to suffer between 2 and 3 due to the delays due to the coronavirus pandemic will not be late.

The first two seasons were based on the books You and Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. But the third had already anticipated the third book by the author and we imagine that the fourth as well. As to the actors who will star in season 4 are also a mystery although it is clear that Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedrett will followi that will give life to the characters of Joe and Love. What is not known is if Natalie will continue in the series, the next door neighbor to whom Michaela McManus gives life. A professionally successful woman married to a powerful man who soon becomes Joe’s obsession and Love’s ongoing headache.

In season 3 Love’s mother gained weight in the series, a role played by Saffron Burrows and Tati Gabrielle, Dylan Arnold, Shannon Chant-Kent, Ben Mehl, Chris O’Shea, Christopher Kent and Bryan Safi, among others, were incorporated, all as new neighbors of the couple.