“With Al Bano I don’t know why it’s over. I would like to relive one day with Ylenia “

Romina Power it is told to Walter Veltroni and remembers the daughter Ylenia, who disappeared in 1994 in circumstances never clarified. The artist touches on every most intimate aspect of his life: from the family of origin to the story he was born with To the bathroom. With the singer from Cellino San Marco he formed a couple that remained iconic, but Romina admits that she doesn’t quite know why the love ended.

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Romina Power and her dad

Romina’s first pain came with the loss of her father, the famous Hollywood actor. “My father – he says in the interview published by Corriere della Sera – unfortunately it was stolen from me too soon: life has given us only a few years together. My parents split up when I was five and I was sent with my sister Taryn to my grandmother in Mexico who promptly put us in a boarding school for nuns, the Marymount of Cuernavaca. So I saw very little of him. The attachment was always there. From the few photos I have of us together, we understand that there was a strong feeling between us. Then the letters, the letters that I sent him and that he wrote to my sister and me. Unfortunately it has been a great void in my life, like a tree from which almost all the roots have been cut. If he had lived, my life would have been completely different …»

Romina Power, the college

From an early age she is the sister, to whom she was very fond, they were sent to the best boarding schools: “Why should I ask my mother. Maybe it was easier for her. So he entrusted all of our education to someone else. And maybe it was good because, after Marymount in via Nomentana, we went to a beautiful boarding school in England. In Kent. A world opened up to me there. “ In England his artistic sensibility matures and is enriched by important encounters: “I’ve known Paul McCartney more than the others. At his house I must confess that I looked out for a moment and discovered the dirtiest kitchen I have ever seen. Plates stacked on top of each other must have been days and days when nothing had been touched. I was shocked and surprised by that situation. He was very easy going, nice ».

Romina Power, the cinema

From a very young age she discovered the talent for cinema: «I started acting at 13 in” Menage all’italiana “and I left school. I worked for the whole family. My fourth film was In the Sun. When I read the script I saw written every now and then: “Al Bano’s song”. But I didn’t know who he was. First they auditioned to see if Al Bano and I, as a couple, were credible on screen. It seems we liked it. A daughter of mine, Romina, made an accurate analysis of the situation and summed up as follows: “A hippie and a farmer will always get along”. They will always find a meeting point: nature, love for animals, for the song of cicadas in summer. And then the music, because we wrote many songs together, years ago ». And on the reasons behind the end of the relationship he stated: «This is not known. Every relationship has a parable. Nothing can last forever, in my opinion ».

Romina Power and Ylenia

To the question “If you had to relive one day of your life, just one, which one would you choose?” he answered: «If I could choose I would live again with Ylenia one day. Any day, with her … I will never stop looking for her … In that terrible city, New Orleans, many people disappear every year. Obviously we don’t talk about it much, because everyone is afraid, we don’t understand what. In my opinion she, like many other girls, will have happened in one of those situations from which it is difficult to get out, it is difficult to escape. It didn’t just happen to Ylenia, it happens to many girls, unfortunately … The last time I heard her was New Year’s Eve, she wished her grandmother a happy birthday and this testifies that she was fine … She had run away to Belize for some time . He lived in a beach hut. She only needed one exam to graduate from King’s College London and had already been offered a position as a teacher, however brilliant her intelligence was. But she discovered a betrayal of her boyfriend and ran away. He didn’t want to know anything anymore. He kept in touch with me. Sometimes I called her, sometimes she. She made the mistake of going back to New Orleans alone for that New Year … I miss everything about her. His intelligence, his sympathy, his warmth. I was nineteen when she was born. We have been very close, always. He was brilliant, he wrote in a crazy way. He wrote poems, short stories and told fairy tales to little girls. He was a person who gave a lot of himself to others, always ».

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