With My Name, has Netflix found its new Squid Game?

It is a phenomenal success. According to the latest data from Netflix, Squid Game literally panics the counters. More than 111 million subscribers have watched the South Korean series, according to information dating back more than a week.

An internal leak indicates that the fiction was to generate $ 891 million in impact value for the platform, while it would have cost only $ 21.4 million.

A story of revenge that has everything to seduce

In this context, the release of the South Korean series My Name on Netflix on October 15 is therefore far from going unnoticed. Although we do not have exact data about it, it is currently in the top 10 France of the streaming service.

Signed Kim Jin-min, it is above all a story of revenge as South Korean cinema is often fond of it. We can follow Yoon Ji-woo who helplessly witnesses the murder of his father. A mechanism of revenge then engages and the young woman decides to collaborate with the head of a local criminal network to find the killer. We then learn that it would be a police officer and Yoon therefore chooses to infiltrate the police to do so.

As pointed out Vanity Fair, My Name is reminiscent of the history of the film Infernal Affairs. A worldwide success, the latter gave rise to an excellent American adaptation by Martin Scorsese: Infiltrators. We are therefore dealing with a style that could appeal to the Netflix audience, fans of thrillers and thrillers.

In My Name, we can also appreciate the impressive performance of Han So-hee in the title role. Our colleagues also evoke a rather grueling preparation for the latter which explains having worked very hard on the choreographies: “ I had to know all the choreographies for each scene. I also made sure not to hurt anyone, you had to be very careful all the time. It was a permanent challenge ».

The result is quite convincing and we should know soon enough if the series manages to seduce a world-class audience.