Working At Facebook Is Not What It Used To Be: An Internal Report Reveals Mark Zuckerberg’s Problems With His Employees

Years ago work in Facebook it was the number one target of engineers and marketing or business experts around the world. Now, the company is no longer so attractive … not even for your workers.

An internal Facebook survey shows employees are losing trust in leadership and less than half responded favorably about their intention to stay with the company.

Working at Facebook is not what it used to be: an internal report reveals Mark Zuckerberg’s problems with his employees (Photo by Abdulhamid Hosbas / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

As published Bussiness Insider, staff gave overwhelmingly favorable responses to a section defined as “what everyone on Facebook thinks of their direct bosses” with categories such as people (84% favorable responses), collaboration (83%) and impact on the team (85%). Responses were less favorable in the sections on how employees felt on Facebook, and how they felt in their personal experience in the company.

A second section, which measures “what everyone on Facebook thinks about the company” received 65% favorable responses, 2 percentage points less than in the previous survey in 2021.

Only 47% of employees responded favorably about their “intention to stay” on Facebook, which represents a decrease of 2 percentage points compared to the first half of the year. Favorable responses on “optimism” fell 11 percentage points to 51% in the same period, while “pride” fell 7 percentage points to 55%.

A third section, defined as “what everyone thinks on Facebook about their personal experience”, received 61% of favorable responses, 1% more compared to the previous semester.

Only 42% responded favorably to the category “strengths (job you like)”. “Feedback is a critical part of our culture and we routinely conduct internal employee surveys to find out where we are doing well or where we need to improve,” said a company spokesperson. “In the areas where we have seen declines, we listen to our employees, we take their feedback seriously and, most importantly, we take action.”

Facebook is going through the worst moments of its history. An ex-employee is taking out the dirty laundry of the company, confirming what we all know: that the social network knows that it feeds on human miseries. Added to this revelation is the news of the internal report in which the social network assumes that Instagram does irreparable harm to adolescents and the service problems that the social network has had lately, So what They have cost Mark Zuckerberg billions on the stock market.

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