“You attacked me and I answered you”

GF Vip, Nathaly against Sonia Bruganelli: «You attacked me and I answered you». Despite being the latest addition, Caldonazzo is increasingly the protagonist of this edition. Outspoken the former star of the bagaglino, it was a big surprise, is not afraid to confront and clash with anyone.

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From Valeria Marini to Katia Riciarelli passing through Sonia Bruganelli, Nathaly Caldonazzo was not intimidated by anyone. Inside the house of the Big Brother Vip she is one of those who exposes herself and has her say without ever taking anything back. And so it was also during the episode on Monday evening.

Last Friday Bruganelli had hinted that Nathaly was not “worthy” to be in the group of VIPs who have an artistic past, Cladonazzo rightly resentful has vented by throwing digs at the columnist.

In reality this bitterness hides deeper roots. To reveal them, without going into too much detail, is Bruganelli herself during the 35th episode. «I don’t want to enter the dynamic – says Sonia – I had a hair line for children, she came, as Nathaly Caldonazzo wanted a cadeau and I said” but who is Giulia Roberts? “. I didn’t know her. Surely Nathaly is very intelligent and what she said is dictated by my modality of entry, but not even you know what I have done in these 25 years, I have been doing a job for 17 years, it cannot be defined with a simple “I want a man that you give me the private plane “, but then afterwards you have to keep it and keep it”.

«The friend who took me to your shop – explains Caldonazzo – told me that there was a gift, he wasn’t there and I paid 80 euros. However, I felt attacked and answered».

Last updated: Tuesday 18 January 2022, 08:30