‘You’: The Addictive And Twisted Season 3 Of The Netflix Series Rightly Shakes The New Life Of Joe And Love

Almost two years have passed since Netflix the second season of ‘You’, and also the first made exclusively for the platform, since initially it was born as a Lifetime series. However, it did not become a phenomenon until its arrival on Netflix and this October 15th It will be when the whole world can finally see his third batch of episodes, of which I have already been able to see three episodes

Arguably the third season of ‘You’ kicks off where it left off at the end of the second: Joe and Love have started a new life with their son together, but with him showing signs that a new obsession is about to emerge. A priori, more of the same, but the truth is that everything ends up being more twisted, partly because of the dynamics between the two protagonists, but also because the series is still very playful and capable of going off on a tangent when it could have fallen into routine.

New life, old habits

It is evident that some love exists between Joe and Love, but also that she would already be dead had she not become pregnant. That is something that is noticed at all times in the dynamics between the two, since mistrust is a constant that threatens at all times to confront them, also causing several problems that could end their seemingly idyllic life.

And is that new start in a residential neighborhood It is a golden opportunity to introduce a multitude of new characters that the writers of the series can play with in terms of their effect on Joe and Love. In these first three episodes there has been a lot of introduction, especially since what seemed like one thing has ended up being quite another. I’m already sorry to be that cryptic, but I am clear that no one wants any spoilers before seeing it.

That leads to soon arising the need to revert to old habits to try to get rid of the problem in which they are involved since it aims to be the great axis of the season, or at least until they develop other fronts that have already been outlined in this start. And it is true that what initially seems a surprise is still a way station before the series relies on more expected solutions.

Maintains its virtues

However, lThe crisis in the relationship between Joe and Love leaves us several good moments in his attempts to save their bond, especially in his encounters with the psychologist. There are also several drops of that black and playful humor that has characterized the series until now, but in such a way that they do not feel redundant, something essential, because if something cannot afford ‘You’, that is repeating itself more than necessary. and run the risk of losing the viewer’s attention.

For the rest, the new characters fulfill their function but without really standing out for the moment. A priori, the signing of Tati Gabrielle, previously seen as Prudence in ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ and Gaia in ‘The 100’, It is the most stimulating for now, and that ‘You’ has taken things slowly, but its weight in the story points to go further and I am curious about the dynamic that is established between Joe and his character.

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Beyond that, ‘You’ it’s still a twisted soap opera, a kind of romantic variant of ‘Dexter’ that relies heavily on the pull of Penn Badgley to bear the dramatic weight of history. Luckily, here you find a good partner in Victoria Pedretti, whose character grows in interest compared to the second season. Of course, it is not clear to me that they have a long journey together -they are condemned to face each other and / or for her to disappear, since the real protagonist is him-, but I am quite enjoying the ideas and comings of Joe and Love. I already knew there was chemistry between the two, but this new energy is very welcome.

In short

You Season 3 Protagonists

The wait has been worth it, because the third season of ‘You’ maintains everything that conquered us in the previous two without being limited to being more of the same. Yes, there is some of that, but those responsible for the Netflix series have managed to maneuver so that it continues to be just as addictive.