Zac Efron Debuts On TikTok Doing A Dance With Jessica Alba

Zac Efron has been released to appear for the first time in TikTok. But no, it is not because an account has been opened and we can follow you from now on on the Chinese social network (minute of silence) but because Jessica Alba He has convinced him to go out in hers, mind you, dancing. And you will say: but what about this combo so ‘random’? (Then we explain why it is not so much). Well, pay attention, because apparently they were both shooting an ad for ‘Visit Dubai’ in Dubai, and she took the opportunity between takes to cheer him up.

The result? The one you will see below. And Internet? ‘Fibrillating’ because I didn’t see Zac dance … since ‘High School Musical’?

And now, the important thing: hit the ‘play’.

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“That day in Dubai, when I got that Zac Efron do a dance of TikTok with me … While we were shooting an ad for ‘Visit Dubai’ “, Jessica wrote to give context to this surprise 3.0, which has already had more than 13.5M views.

Will the actor be encouraged after receiving the video to open a profile? On Instagram (@zacefron) has almost 50 million followers, perhaps TikTok would be a new platform where it could reach a larger audience and expand its community (Zac, here’s the advice).

And by the way, for those who thought at the beginning of these lines that the ‘combo’ of Jessica and Efron is the most ‘random’, a brief reminder that their friendship / colleague ‘Hollywood’ goes back more than one decade (oh, please, the time that has already passed, why, WHY?).

And for proof, a photo from 2007, at the Teen Choice Awards. Ready to realize that you are older? Yells:

Jessica Alba and Zac Efron in 2007.

Kevin MazurGetty Images

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