Ziva Reveals Items You Always Carry, From Speakers to Fans! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ziva Magnolya, who is usually called Ziva, is a singer who graduated from Indonesian Idol X. Ziva, known for her unique voice, has popularized several songs such as “Mata-Mata Harimu”, “Till When”, and her latest single with Rizky Febian, “Terlukis Indah”.

In between his busy schedule, Ziva actively creates content on YouTube to entertain his fans. This time, Ziva shared the things that he always brings when he travels.

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“Beside me there is a suitcase filled with things that are always there and I always have to carry it everywhere,” said Ziva.

Ziva first showed her an adorable stuffed elephant to sleep with her. Then there is a bag containing makeup and also a hair straightener for daily grooming needs.

Then unexpectedly Ziva issued a speaker with a size large enough. As a music lover, Ziva admits that he always brings speakers wherever he goes.

“You will definitely be surprised, I carry speakers everywhere because I can’t if I don’t listen to music,” said Ziva.

In addition to necessities such as glasses, notebooks, and fans, Ziva also brings unique items such as toys. Let’s watch the full video only on Ziva Magnolya’s YouTube channel!

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