Faced with “the exceptional nature of Corsican banditry”, magistrates want to create an anti-mafia pole

Morale is at half mast within the justice in charge of fighting Corsican organized crime. In early 2020, a confidential report was sent to the Chancellery to defend the creation of an anti-Mafia pole with special powers, in order to roll back a scourge that challenges the authority of the State over part of its territory.

At the beginning of October, during a steering committee, in Marseille, of the specialized interregional jurisdiction (JIRS) in matters of organized crime, its members did not hide their disappointment at the lack of response from the ministry and the lack of ” political will “. After examining the requests, the ministry considers that the current organization “Works pretty well”.

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The world had access to this rare document of a hundred pages, which carries the expectations of the JIRS of Marseille, in charge of Corsica. To support her point, she takes stock of ten years of business and delivers an in-depth analysis of the island’s criminal system. In judicial history, this is the first time that such a panorama has been painted. It is based on nearly 150 cases processed between 2009 and the end of 2019. It concerns more than forty people convicted or indicted. Eight hundred years of imprisonment were pronounced in these cases and more than 15 million euros of assets seized. The conclusion of this work is final: “Corsican banditry takes all forms of the mafia phenomenon.” »

“Very difficult to collect testimonies”

Based on this observation, yet largely denied by the State, the JIRS considers that it is appropriate “To evaluate [ses] needs in order to optimize [son] action », otherwise this parallel power will continue to prevail on the island and on the mainland. One way of saying that, for lack of a good diagnosis of the nature of this violence which has taken the Isle of Beauty hostage and of an adequate response, justice will continue to fight with unequal arms against the Corsican mafia.

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It is advisable, underline the authors of the report, “To analyze the failures of the JIRS, which are often the consequence of the lack of means and of ill-adapted legislation, as well as the very nature of this mafia criminality playing on the destabilization and the abuse of delaying tactics, and imposing omerta and terror ”.

The JIRS claims some successes, including “the destabilization and weakening of criminal clans”, in particular thanks to the implementation of new techniques of interception of communications.

JIRS ​​admits its powerlessness in the face of “Mafia system”. She says she is confronted with violence that associates “Blood crimes to preserve a hold on a territory” to revenge. In Corsica, she observes, “The interpenetration of banditry, economy and politics” complicates the task for him. “The many settling of scores are due not only to the control of illicit markets – narcotics, games, slot machines – but also legal activities – security, spirits, real estate. “

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