Fátima Bernardes returns to the Meeting after many weeks of leave and unburdens herself

Fátima Bernardes returned to the command of the Meeting (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Fatima Bernardes returned to Meeting, gives Globe, this Monday (22), after six weeks away on sick leave. The presenter was greeted with flowers and talked about her recovery from surgery on her left shoulder tendon.

“Glad to be back! We go out to have surgery, imagine a time, but it’s difficult. It’s not soft, no. It took six weeks”, reported the journalist, right at the beginning of the global attraction.

Fátima Bernardes also highlighted: “I thought that, four weeks with my arm in a sling, there was no chance of that happening. I thought I would take it off before”.

The famous woman then explained what she has been doing to improve: “Four weeks you spend in a sling. In fact, you can’t move. It’s ice and a sling. Tomorrow it will be two weeks since I started moving my arm. I’m evolving.”

“I have a series of exercises to do, I started physiotherapy in the water. Everyone tells me it’s going really well, we’re anxious,” followed the artist.

Fatima also confessed her plans, which include returning to one of her favorite hobbies after the surgery: “This year I was scheduled to start learning a fight. But it is postponed until the second half of next year”.

“But I hope I can get back to dancing in February. That’s my goal”, guaranteed the global, which in its social networks shared a little of what happened in the last weeks and had also explained how it was being to use the sling in the recovery.

medical authorization

Recently, the famous celebrated having received medical authorization to abandon the slings after her surgery.

“I had a review with my doctor, and the good news is that I will be able to take this sling off after all this time, day and night. I only took it off to shower and do some exercises. As of today, the task is to run out of it, to gradually be able to release the natural movement of the arm”, said. And continued:

“It is difficult to remove the sling and think that the arm will be normal, but no. He doesn’t obey. It folds up nicely, but if it has to get up, it won’t go at all. So the exercises from now on will be for that”.

“I can have it [o braço] still, at the most get a glass of water, I can’t drive, lie down or exert force on it. All very calmly so that the recovery is the best possible”, explained.

Luiz Fabio Almeida

Luiz Fábio Almeida is a journalist, multimedia producer and passionate about what happens on television. He is an editor and columnist for RD1. He is on social media at @luizfabio_ca and can also be found via email [email protected]