“He doesn’t want to have dinner with me”

Young, talented and very popular. Chiara Ferragni and Fedez they always have the spotlight and even the small family skirmishes that also take place in the Mulino Bianco house become media cases. Strong of this the two young people from December 9th they will also be the protagonists of the docu reality dedicated to their life on TV: The Ferragnez – La Serie. The “fiction” will consist of 8 episodes and will air on Prime Video. Fans will soon have free access to the life of their favorite couple who have been sharing every moment of their life with their followers for years now. And discussions also end up in the network. The last two days ago on Twitch.

Ferragnez, la lite su Twitch

Zedef is Fedez’s Twitch channel, in which the singer realizes live online streams in which he freely interacts with his followers. At his side often from the “Tana del Boomer” there is also his wife, Chiara Ferragni.

Two days ago during an episode between a ballet and an answer they fell into a discussion, or rather two. The first occurred due to a live burp from Fedez: «I’ll go to the next one. Leo does them too, that’s awful. He belches because you keep belching». The annoyed influencer filmed her husband in front of everyone live and the rapper tried to justify himself, but the results were not optimal: “Enough,” concluded the influencer.

Despite this, the bickering then moved on to another much more personal issue. The increasingly curious followers hound the boys with questions and at one point an answer from Chiara Ferragni leaves everyone speechless: “Fedez never wants to have dinner with me. We never went to dinner together. ‘

And all those photos that we are used to seeing on social media then? Perhaps the entrepreneur meant that the two of them have never been to dinner without the whole world knowing …?

Last updated: Thursday 25 November 2021, 15:54